Solar Energy

With every passing hour the sun radiates as much potential
energy on to the Earth as the world consumes in an entire year.
Quite simply harnessing solar energy makes sense.

Through a variety of technologies, this solar radiation may be converted directly into an infinite
amount of usable green energy. NewConsultancy focuses on utility-scale solar facilities, which are capable of
generating large amounts of electricity; which in turn is transferred directly into the grid. Providing a fully-comprehensive
service for developing utility-scale solar generated projects from 25 MW to 1,000 MW, NewConsultancy has financed
a number of solar farm projects across the globe including the US, Europe and Asia, and is in the exciting process of implementing
over 1,000 MW of solar in Africa.

Our zealous efforts drive our ongoing quest to determine
new locations across the globe; with our aim to
develop over 1,000 MW insolar projects per year from 2012 to 2016.